Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday I met my friend Maria for lunch.  I wanted to get caught up on the wedding plans.  We met at a cute new-ish hamburger place called Flip. It was hip, trendy, fun and the food was terrific!  See the farmer burger listed below?

Here it is...and those are okra fries on that plate. 

And here's Rosanne Cash...I guess I should point out all the photos today are from my iPhone and I think it did a pretty good job.  She was delightful to listen to, and I had the added bonus of finding that I recognized her music - and liked it - based on a couple of the songs she sang.  My free tickets came with a book, and it looks like it will be enjoyable, too. Her most recent album is The List, based on a list of the 100 country songs her father thought she needed to know. 

Someone asked her if she'd ever publish the list, and she said no, that much of the personal things about her dad were public and she was keeping that to herself. Good for her, I say, though I confess I'd also be interested in seeing that list myself. It's a wonderful legacy, though, because her daugther has entered the musical world and just as her album was getting published she asked Rosanne 'where is my list?'


  1. Just googled THe List CD. Looks like it's got some good ones one it. I must say I'm quite curious about what's on the list too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Forgot to say - I could go for the burger and okra fries. Yum!



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