Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Twiggy has been appearing nightly on my screen door.  To get a photo of her is a bit tough since it's usually around 10 pm (no light) and there's only the porch light when she comes over to dine on bugs drawn to the light.  And she's camera shy and always walking away from the camera lens.  But I've not had a chance to take any photos lately and I was missing it, so Twiggy was it.

Hopefully there will be better efforts later this week.



  1. I believe Twiggy's sister, was here at my house just the other night. I took sever photos, but got nothing but a black spot. The lighting and the camera operator were definitely not up to their usual high standards!

    Great shot.

    Wondering .... do mantises turn brown at the end of the summer? I thought they were bright Springy green-colored. This one definitely looks like a twig rather than a leaf.

  2. Do you remember the first Twiggy? In the 60's that was. I think.



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