Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post Cards

I think I mentioned that I signed up for two pen pals on the Shutter Sisters site, and one of my interweb friends wanted to be a pen pal also.  That was the impetus to have some of my photos turned into post cards.

The arrival of my order from Moo gave me such a lift.  I had sent cards in the first round of snail mailing because my postcard order got held up; but when the postcards came in, I promptly wrote 3 of them.  At work Monday, I walked down to the post office and bought post card stamps.  And found that somewhere along the line I had lost one of my post cards.  So, ME, the one that I wrote to you is on the lower left side - the impatien ballerina ;)  I put a replacement in the mail to you today, and so regret that I lost the post card!

Coming home to check the mail is so much more fun now. 

In one of my art magazines, I found an idea for making letters from junk mail.  I have an idea to blend that and some of my photos...

Make someone's day - mail a card.  It's so much more than an email.


  1. Oh how fun!
    Did you see my blog today? Are we on the same wavelength?

  2. Great idea. What fun to get this kind of mail!



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