Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sick as a Dog

Gus my dog is sick as a dog.

I went looking for the origin of the saying and it's not entirely clear, although it originated in the 1700s. It seems the phrase was coined because dogs will eat anything and it often makes them sick. Then they eat grass.

So Gus refused his dinner last night which is unheard of... and returned from the back yard with a blade of grass hanging off his lip. Never one to miss clues, I began watching him and sure enough, it appeared that poor Gus had gastrointestinal distress. What ensued was an all night vigil. Yawn. Excuse me.

This morning he was feeling so badly and had no interest in food again egads, this is serious..., he got a trip to the emergency vet where he was xray'd to eliminate a blockage or torsion (also called bloat and life threatening) and iv'd full of fluids to prevent dehydration since he couldn't keep down water and dosed with anti-nausea medicine. Poor old thing.

This concludes the free time I have today - I must return to nursing Gus and wrapping gifts and finally getting all the decorations up and thinking up ideas for gifts and making a dish for tomorrow's office potluck.

Think I may take a nap.


  1. So, did they find the cause of Gus's distress? I'm sorry he feals bad. I could make you laugh with a story of Scout's latest "illness" but it also might make you sick so I'll hold off on that!

  2. They can see a spot, whatever that means, and have pronounced it gastroenteritis. If it were me it would be called the all encompassing upset stomach. He came home and went straight to the cold bathroom floor and lay down. I was just worried at his demeanor. He's never this droopy.

    Sorry about Scout. It sounds like he's okay now though.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your nap. Poor Gus...I hope he's feeling better.

  4. Awww, I'm so sorry for you and Gus! Hope you both get some rest and that he is feeling better soon!



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