Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Hello, reader? readers? You there? tap. tap-tap. Anybody?

I've been surfing around looking at the news, other blogs and reading email for an idea, a spark, a germ of something interesting to blog about.

I don't have a new hamster like my nephew, or hot new neighbor like SSG, a ranch to use for photo fodder, didn't win the lottery ticket, didn't defy a deathbed like Patrick Swayze, didn't get revenge on a hunter like that deer, do not want to know what Gary Coleman did to get fined for disorderly conduct, can't bring myself to read about a chained teen showing up at a gym or discuss the stock market.

I voted today, have two dogs that I think are endlessly adorable and cute but needed Benadryl so that they are comatose and not up to playing. I am perplexed that Britney Spears is "most searched for" ahead of World Wrestling Entertainment and Barack Obama. Can anyone think what that says?

Oh, I've got it. In the real estate world, when a building owner has a new restaurant open, the restaurant has a week or so of soft opening, right? It's about the staff getting the feel of working together, working out the kinks, getting the timing down and putting into practice their training. Well, we've got such a restaurant sitch in our building. It's a NY restaurant which is opening in our building in downtown Atlanta, and I got invited under the friends and family plan. So four of us went to lunch there today and let me just say right now I was transported back to Tuscany without the confining and expensive 9 hour plane ride.

We shared antipasti. I had cream of tomato soup. They had salads, one house and one ceasar. I had the mushroom ravioli (with truffles), they had chicken parmigian, sliced steak and salmon with a mushroom saute. It was divine. AND, we shared a dessert: cheesecake with sabayon.

And paid nothing. Just filled out a comment card.

It was enough to make you clean your plate. The only thing missing was the chianti, but unlike Italy, drinking at lunch is frowned upon in Atlanta at lunchtime. Sort of.

Glad you stopped by, aren't you? Just never know what you're going to get do you?


  1. I think it's just in the air - a kind of malaise. Seems like nobody is really into working or writing. Can't believe you wrote about such an awesome lunch. I'm starving and had a mediocre ham/turkey sandwich from the little place in the basement of our building.

    Your timing needs to get better. LOL

  2. I am starving after reading about your yummy italian dinner.

  3. laughing with delight..
    nope don't know what Molly's gonna have simmering in her smorgasbord of life's delights...
    although if your looking for Blog fodder, A bunch of the ones i am reading (???????) have given up words for the month of december and are posting only photo's..
    To reduce the holiday stress...
    and i know you do very
    very well on the photo stuff!
    now to wrestle with your comment thingy..
    Cross your fingers!



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