Wednesday, December 3, 2008


See the Shades of Inspiration button on the side of the blog? I signed up thinking it would be good practice. There's a different assignment each week...this week is bling. Only getting home after dark, I've been limited in my options and imagination.

But I pulled out the trusty Father Christmas, he of the coat with the glass glitter and tinsel trim and posed him on the mantel.

f 1.8/ ISO 400/1/500 sec

f 1.8/ISO 400/ 1/200sec

f 1.8/ ISO 400/ 1/200sec

Looks like my lens and I have some communing to do - in every picture, the beard is in focus--not the eyes. (The eyes were what I was intending to focus on :) )


  1. Very cool!
    I think the eyes must not have been looking?

  2. Ooooh ... I like him! Is it just me or does he have kind of a "Moses" vibe? SSG isn't feeling well, if she were a lens setting she'd be considered f 1.8/ ISO 400 1/75 sec or whatever REALLY BLURRY is.

  3. I really love the last photo and you are really talented...I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

    Miss and love you!


  4. I'll have to look into Shades of Inspiration.

    I like you. No, I like you a lot. I felt a connection in Chicago and it grows with each post. I suppose it could be about having one makes sense....after all, in one bathroom situations we are dependent on each other. But what attracted me to you and Candice has more to do with your friendship. You "make" her do things, and she lets you "make" her. I thought that was fun!

    Traci from Chicago



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