Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

This Chick-Fil-A location closed for remodeling at the end of October, and it has been a long, chicken strip salad-less 7 weeks.

This is one of my three favorite southern things: Coca-cola (now Coke Zero), Dale's Steak Sauce and Chick-Fil-A.

What are your regional favorites?

Hurry, Chick-Fil-A!


  1. Mine would be Pollo Tropical, which serves some really tasty chicken along with black beans and rice. It is absolutely delicious.

  2. It has to be the COFFEE. You can pretty much count on local coffee shops within walking distance of any place in the Northwest. BUT! Any time I go to San Diego I always have to get a burrito from the yummy taco stands down there. And, and, and! Can't forget to mention In n Out Burger. And now I'm hungry.

  3. Hmmmmmm....local favorites? Well, there is Cassano's Pizza. They aren't nearly as good as they used to be but that doesn't stop us from going back and picking one up occasionally....just for the memories. Why do things have to change?

    Also, I love the Grub Steak. I am 44 years old and I have been frequenting this same steak house since I was 14 (celebrated that birthday there.) I STILL order the exact same steak that I always have. I have no idea what else is on their menu. I never look at it.

    I lived in Philly for awhile. Nothing like a Philly Cheesesteak from the sidewalk vendor downtown. Aaaaaaahhhhh.....AMAZING!
    They scream at you, "WITH OR WITHOUT?!!!?" If I remember right, they're talking about onions. It's been 23 years since I lived there.

    Fun conversation.


  4. Palmalito guava jelly, NC style bbq, and Cheerwine soda



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