Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Bridge Tour

Last Friday night was monthly bridge night. My turn to host. I was ready. One of us came down with a bad cold and wanted nothing more to go home and hibernate. That left 3 of us to eat yummy snacks and drink wine.

Then I suggested a light tour.

We started with the major display I pass every night during the holidays when I pick up the most spoiled dogs in the world from doggie day care. It is synched to a radio broadcasted set of holiday songs. This doesn't do it justice as some of the items aren't lit yet.

Next we visited this place. Look familiar? Look harder. No? Okay, click here (and scroll down a bit) and then come back. Yep, presto change-o: converto-decor. What do you think? Notice the nativity on the porch (it's in a papa san chair).

I've never really noticed before, but I've decided I'm not a fan of the candy canes.

Below is my favorite house - it's a couple of neighborhoods over from mine.

I liked this one too. I think it's charming and not overdone.

Careful - this one always gets me when I drive by. I was happy to see the intensity of the blue translated to the photo. If you look at it too long it's sort of mesmerizing. Not good when you are driving by. These lights always go up Thanksgiving night.

Lovelovelove this place. It looks good undecorated, too. (this is a merged photo because it didn't fit in the frame, hence the funny top left corner).

Another merged one: the teeter totter just didn't fit.

Hope you enjoyed the Bridge Tour highlights. I know my passengers did. Right until they drained their wineglasses.
Then they became surly and complained about the chauffer.


  1. I use to have a dear college friend that was from Dunwoody, Ga and I would always marvel at the gorgeous homes whenever I went to ATL to visit...this looks a lot like that area...we always called it funwoody...well, you can imagine why.

    I went to my very first Hooters in Buckhead....and to the Limelight...loudy, those were the days a very long time ago.

    Love ya...Marlene

  2. Love your neighborhood! I already have my house decorated in my mind ... I'd stick to white lights though ... but then again I'm boring like that. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that takes my dog to doggy daycare! I wish Fisher, Gus and Cotton all went to the same one! Then maybe I could score an invite to the bridge game. Although don't know how to play bridge, I definitely know how to drain a wine glass and get surly. But I'd NEVER complain about the chauffeur!



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