Monday, December 8, 2008

[Lab Rat] Sweet Potato Fries

Lately, sweet potato fries have been turning up in many of the restaurants I patronize. And that's fewer than it used to be as I am trying to dine in.

When I did the South Beach Diet, which was a rather healthy plan per my doctor, I learned that the white potato we all know and love = death and the sweet potato = okay in limited quantities. [Knowing that white potato = death did not stop me from serving it to my family at Thanksgiving. Should somebody look into that?]

But, I have integrated many healthier carb choices into my life and need to do more so I am always on the look out for things I like to intersect with things I should eat.

Like sweet potato fries. If they are breaded, they are out since that sort of defeats the purpose. I've been making my own by cutting up-what else?-a sweet potato and tossing with a bit of olive oil, cumin and salt. But Saturday as I was walking down the dairy and frozen potato/breakfast aisle, I spotted these sweet potato fries.

They fit all the criteria: little if any breading, could be prepared baked instead of fried and were already cut up and ready to go.

I served them with a homemade steak sandwich. Ignore the white bread bun of death there. Fiscal propriety was at war with health, and fiscal propriety won out - as in use up what you done bought, girlfriend.

Look at all the orangey, healthy goodness. Doesn't orange = beta carotene? There, we've neutralized the white bread bun of death already. The fries are piping hot, crisp and yummy with just a bit of salt.

Lab Rat says "2 thumbs up - more thumbs up if I had 'em".

You can find Alexia Julienned Sweet Potato Fries in the frozen food section of your Publix. Next to the white potatoes.

And if you can't or you don't shop at Publix? Let me encourage you to cut up your own sweet potato, toss with olive oil, light salt and either cumin + chili or just rosemary and bake at 400 degrees until tender. Equally virtuous and yummy.


  1. I actually found those at Walmart a while back and they are pretty good. If I remember correctly they recieved 3 thumbs up from the Faircloth Food Critics.

  2. And the Faircloth Food Critics are probably tougher than the Lab Rat!

  3. The Todds had those last week and LOVED them. We ate an entire bag at one time. (They can also be found at Target just as a fyi...)

  4. They look and sound great. I'll definitely look for them when I grocery shop next. Mama



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