Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Collections, I have collections. Here's one of my Christmas ones. And there's a story (isn't there always?).

When I graduated from college, I started work in December. Either that December or the one after, I went to the Hallmark Store and looked at the series ornaments, hoping one that I would like would be starting.

There was one called Mary's Angel's. Over time, I've gotten most if not all of them.

This year, it occurred to me to put them all on one tree. Not the tree I would necessarily choose for these ornaments, but, hey, I already had it and it has lights!

I didn't get nerdy enough to find a list to check against, but I think the cutie below was the first one. They all have flower names.

This was not part of the series, but an add on. You stick a tree light in the bottom, and look in the lamp. See the little ball of glow? I don't know how it works, but isn't it great?

I like the idea of giving this collection to one of the nieces one day. I think maybe that's what I like about collections. The idea of sharing them.


  1. How can I get in line for one of your collections? You have so many cool things....I am not exactly a niece or a sister, but surely I could wiggle my in as something.

  2. I agree with Cycle Mom. Can I be your niece? My Gam always LOVED angels they always make me think of her! So thank you for your memories and making me remember one of my own : )

  3. That is such a wonderful thing to do. I know it is one of the many reasons why I think you are truly special.

    I just love them!

    Hallmark is the best.




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