Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Flashback

There are many things I'll treasure from this year: the cards that didn't get made and mailed until Christmas Eve, the new lens that's smarter than I am, the fun of having the dogs around, the kid's faces, my BIL teaching my mother to play the Wii with her new coat on, playing Legos, my neice and her Dora umbrella...all the simple things that made this a wonderful celebration.


  1. By the way, hwere the Legos a hit?

  2. You are really good with that camera...WOW. The photos are really stunning Molly!

    I just love seeing what you are working on.


  3. Legos were a ginormous hit. We built a flower garden for Audrey after I figured out the flowers needed to be detached from a center hub following aborted attempts to attach them as-is to the stems...Brooks put his together in record time, and Rob helped Eli. And Metz loved his Fisher Price farm.

  4. You do take wonderful pictures! I've got to travel to work too, but I will say--a two week crash on the beach sounds like heaven. Maybe I'll add Florida to my list and leave TOMORROW. SSG needs a vacation because that 2 weeks she just had off didn't do it.

  5. Hey Hatch. Thanks for the Christmas card. So really good to hear from you. Not sure if I am doing this blog thing correctly. I am so out of touch. Have not watched a news broadcast since the election and I don't plan to for at least the next 4 years. So much has happened/changed since we last talked back in '04 I guess if memory serves. Would love to catch up. Give me a buzz sometimes or drop me an email. The address is the same. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Great album. Looks like you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing the good times with us.



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