Friday, July 4, 2008

Santa Maria sopra Minerva (Assisi, Italy)

This is me, standing in front of a column of the Temple of Minerva (see below) that was built 25 years before Christ. According to one of the umpteen guidebooks that I read before, during and after my trip. I was so awestruck by the age of the structure below. It was built by the Romans, for pete's sake.

A priest came out and we thought we had done something wrong. But we hadn't. He invited us in to see the church that the Roman temple had become. The interior was a complete shock. See for yourself. I had to find a photo on the web (thanks whoever) because we could not take pictures inside. It was just amazing. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the trip.

And here we are with the priest. Clever, he was. We all made contributions to the box inside.

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