Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Only show the good ones

This is the first photo I took at Oakland on Saturday. It's before my mind melted into a puddle of mush and I couldn't recall how to operate my camera.

Which sounds better, brain mush or the fact that I was trying to use the tripod that my brother gave me somewhere about 15 years ago? Which the instructor borrowed from me to show another guy which kind to buy (you rock, Rob!). So anyway, either the heat or unfamiliarity with the tripod did me in. Because in 96 photos only a handful are presentable.

And, as my instructor says, "only show the good ones".


  1. show the good ones, hold the beautiful memories.

  2. I must know more about Photoshop. I have avoided it and stuck with my basic Canon software. What can you tell me in 25 words or less?



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