Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July

I have a camera in my phone, a camera in my blackberry and a small digital camera I carry to take pictures of decorating ideas. Usually they are things that I look at and say
  1. I like that
  2. it costs what?
  3. I could do that

and then I take a picture and step away from the item convinced that I will have the thing constructed on the basis of the snapshot by the next weekend, and my only concern is where will I store it.

Here are some examples of projects that are languishing on my computer waiting for a certain level of industriousness and creativity to strike. Waiting years in some cases.

This doesn't look too hard - just some silver or mercury glass candlesticks with sparkly stuff around the candles. Photo taken in 2006.

One would think I could get a wreath at Michaels, along with some silver and gold spray paint, et voila, chic holiday wreath. Photo taken in 2005.

These next two should be a piece of cake. Cone shaped styrofoam, silk poinsettia(s), decorative push pins, ribbon, terra cotta pot, spray paint, hard could it be? Photo taken in 2007.

These next two were for me to take to someone to create for me because even I recognize something beyond my skillset. But I love them, they are on an artificial nandina base, with artificial leaves, pine cones and fruits scattered over and white lights all around. Photo taken in 2007.

There. I've gotten it off my chest. I am a procrastinator.

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