Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing tomatoes and N

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! I enjoyed the Coming Home photos up on The Pioneer Woman's site. If you haven't seen them, by all means click on over.  

Still working on my collection of unintentional alphabets...I saw this while walking Gus & Cotton this weekend.  Everyone agree this is an N?

This long weekend flew by even though I can't point to any grand stuff.  I worked in my yard and found the missing tomato plants - they had been overcome by the fairy roses, but survived.  And I pruned back the fairy roses.  Planted marigolds at the feet of the tomatoes.  Refilled the bird feeders and put out the hummingbird feeder.  I think I saw one darting about the hydrangeas which are very blue this year, and aren't blue and reds attractive to the hummers?  Anyway, I also found a pack of seeds I'd ordered a year or more ago - touch me nots which I remember from my grandmother's yard - and put some in pots and some directly in the ground.  I've got my fingers crossed that some will germinate.  These are a form of impatien that the seed pods explode when you touch them (self seeding) and are also called Balsam.  Anyone recognize them?

In other news, I attacked an overly full closet, but right now I think it won because the table I had cleared is covered in clutter again. 

Say, if I plant peppers near my mailbox, with the basil and the rosemary, does that make them public property?  You know, since they're in the right of way?  Hmmm.  I'll cram them in between the tomatoes, I think.  It's tough when you have about 10 square feet of sunny space.

I'm considering going to one of the Squam art weeks - anyone ever been?  Know anyone who has?  It's basically creative camp for adults at a camp on a lake in New Hampshire.  If anyone has any first hand information, I'd love to hear it.

4 day week ahead: yay!

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  1. I taught at an Adult Art camp, and the Fair part was by far my favorite! The students all agreed after attempting some of the art, they had a better appreciation for what the artisans were selling at the fair!
    ( of and the music and food were GREAT too!)



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