Friday, June 4, 2010

Sun Showers

When I left the office this afternoon, the skies were dark and I could see a line of rain advancing on downtown out of the east.

I saddled up and rode home anyway.  By the time I got home, it was like this:  sunny with showers.  Not sure if you can see the raindrops, but they are there.  I zoomed in to see if I could see them, and I could.

I played with my camera in the front yard a bit and then went in and offered the dogs a chance to go out.  It has just about quit raining.  After I changed, I picked up my camera and went on the deck.
Gus was in position.  He likes to look out over our yard and everyone else's and sound the alarm if he spots the telltale sign of a feral cat. Or an errant squirrel.

Then I noticed the angle of the sun, and the light.  And I played. These two below are my favorites. 

Marlene, keep reading after the flowers.

Marlene, all the photos I've posted here were taken with my lens from my Rebel which is just like the one you are using. I started thinking about it and decided to put the 18-55mm on my camera and see what happened. 

I like the results.

You can read here and here about my experience at the workshop with only my kit lens.  The lesson I learned is oh yes you can take a good, even great, photo with the kit lens (which simply means the one that came with the DSLR you bought). And I don't regret buying the additional lenses one bit.  They all do different things.  But if you doubt me, you can go to the Pioneer Woman's photography site and look for the posts by the photographer who uses a point-n-shoot to get really amazing photos.  She posted one of the best moonlight beach shots I've ever seen.

Early to bed, early to rise.  Tomorrow's the farmer's market.


  1. The flower photo's have captured the mood of life after rain..
    beautiful, simply beautiful...

  2. Top flower picture - foreground picture.
    Looks like a ballet dancer dressed as a pink fairy, taking her final bow. See how her head is down and she's folded her wings in a delicate curtsy?

    Love the light circles. Always love your photos.

    P.S. I read Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man story but nothing else. I see I must go back.

    Just finished a Katherine Center book, pretty good read. Great description of what its like in the early days of mothering a newborn. I could feel her sleep deprivation.



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