Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeding the Baby

Sitting at my computer this morning, I noticed the suet feeder was almost empty.  I looked back when I saw motion from the corner of my eye.  The woodpecker on the feeder hopped over to the tree, and this is why:

Sorry the photo is blurry - I managed to knock over my camer on it's tripod leaving a gouge in my desk.  I wasn't sure the lens or the camera would work and I was paying attention more to that than focus!

As I type this, the other woodpecker from this winter's pinecone pictures has turned up. 

Better get that suet refill!


  1. Cool shot. Hope the camera, lens and desk are ok. :)

  2. Do squirrels feast at the Suet bar? My lone woodpecker throws all the little seed out of the feeder looking for the bigger sunflower seed. It is kind of wasteful I think! I'd like to get them their own feeder, but basically that means I'd be opening up an all night diner for the squirrels. Leaving the woodpecker back at square one!



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