Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flower Time

Something unusual is happening this year...the usually blue hydrangeas have a  touch of pink...see what I mean?  And there is a bumper crop!

And if only there were scentographs or smellosnaps ... I took a zillion photographs of gardenias last night because I was intoxicated by the scent.

They are blooming all over the neighborhood, and so are the magnolias.  It is wonderful to walk the dogs and breathe the fragrance.  It almost distracts from having my arm yanked off by a large, long-haired yellow dog with a penchant for squirrel chasing.


  1. Gardenias are my favorite! Eli & Audrey love cutting them and putting them all around the house. The smell is wonderful!

  2. My gardenia bush is weighed down with blossoms. The aroma is divine!



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