Tuesday, May 11, 2010


During my photo class when we were supposed to be looking for hearts, I couldn't find any.  Then on Saturday, walking my dogs, wait.  We were supposed to be walking but there was a lot of stopping to sniff the bushes, the grass, the sidewalk...you get the picture (pun totally intended, ha!).  As I stood around waiting for the sniffing of clover to be over, I noticed this old mailbox post that someone had enhanced with a few swirls and twists of metal. 

So late Sunday afternoon, I risked all and took the dogs on another walk and brought my camera. The risk is that two dogs on two leashes are a handful.  Two dogs and my precious piece of camera equipment was anyone's guess.  But they were pretty good and I was able to take a photo.

Around the neighborhood everyone is replacing these old wrought iron stands with the Home Depot wooden ones.  And they are serviceable.  But they don't have any flourish or whimsy.

And we all need some whimsy.

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