Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tree Flower

On my walk with the dogs last night, I noticed the pieces of tree blossoms on the street and in yards.  I reliazed I hadn't ever looked closely at a whole one, but loved the orange color in the pieces.  Do these come from oaks?  I think maybe so. It's from a Tulip Poplar.

Just as we were getting home, I found a whole one and found the orange makes a star when you look at it head on.

Coming into the house, I put the blossom on the mantel while I disengaged leashes and flipped on the lights. 

Then I saw the glow from this flower.  Isn't it beautiful?

P.S. Anonymous got it, the flowers yesterday were from my Chives.


  1. What we call a Tulip Tree in our neighborhood has pink flowers. They don't seem to last long, but are so very pretty. I love this orange one.

  2. P.S. What does it take to make chives bloom? I've never seen a flower on any of my herbs.

  3. Merry,

    in my case, benign neglect produced blooms. which i think in turn become new plants, but I'm not sure.

  4. I've never seen a tulip poplar flower this color. Unusual and so pretty.

  5. My drive way and front walk are covered in these babies in a bout 2 weeks. My little one says they are fairy cups...
    and our Bees love them! Lots of yummy nectar!
    That is a heavenly photo of one!



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