Friday, May 7, 2010


So, I've been looking for some art workshops to go to.  More in the order of arts and crafts workshops - the kind that have a variety of things to try.  I've looked at Squam (which has not been ruled out, mind you), a scrapbooking workshop because they are really more than scrapbooking - they are about techniques, and photography workshops which are harder to find than you might think.  Unless you want to travel to Europe (yes, please) and are within your budget (not so much).  

Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine has a new workshop this year, CREATE, which is in Chicago.  It looks so appealing because it's full of things I've never tried. Plus the thing that caught my eye in my mother's Jan issue is one of the projects! 

Mary Englebreit just finished one in St. Louis that I couldn't attend because of timing, but believe me, it's on my calendar for next year.  And there's one called Silver Bella in Nebraska that sounds wonderful.


One has to travel by air to all of these because none of them are in the vicinity. I can't envision lugging art supplies which include dangerous paint brushes and, worse, paints, oh - and exacto knives and other questionables in my luggage, checked or not. So I tried things closer to home, and the only one I found was Donna Downey's Inspired Artist workshop, but I found it too late.  It's next week.

So.  What's a girl to do?

Find one in metro Atlanta - anyone hear of something in our area? 


Start one up.

Guess which one is the most far fetched, scary, ridiculous, hare-brained notion I've had since sky-diving?


  1. Go for it Girlfriend!
    It'll be great!

  2. Wait, you went skydiving?! Why did I never hear about this? :)

  3. should absolutely create one. i have thought of you so often in doing the jessica sprague vintage photo class. (you would also be proud of me since i have kept up until today's lesson.)

    any way, i think would could do something that combines your interests....very cool (and much better/safer than skydiving).



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