Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This One Time, at Scrapbook Camp...

What I learned last year is that scrapbook conventions are not for wimps, or the disorganized. To avoid embarrassment, er, that is, to get the most from your convention, you must plan ahead.

First, read each class descripton for supplies needed beyond the basics. Think about whatever else you might need: bottled water, wipes to clean up after unfortunate glue situations, snacks, band aids (paper piercers, micro edged scissors, xacto knives - think about it), tylenol, cell phone, money.

Second, schedule your classes with breaks so that you can go to the Vendor Fair and shop for the cool stuff from your class that you didn't win so you simply must buy.

Third, be appropriately outfitted:

Last year I took all my supplies and put them in a plastic shoebox from Container Store and stuck that plus a bottle of water and a snack in a large canvas tote from Land's End with my initials on it. I thought this was the greatest because a)it didn't cost anything extra and b)it didn't cost anything extra.

Whoa, Nelly: The Land's End bag was. not. pink. It was not pink and brown or green. It did not even have wheels so it could be hidden in plain sight in the tote corral. My woebegone shoebox cringed in shame next to specialty canvas tool holders in a rainbow of colors with pockets, elastics and zippers.

The whispers and finger pointing were not lost on me.

With all these lessons-and scars-I am taking the following steps. First, I am staging my supplies.

1. Adhesives - dry (permanent and repositionable)

1a. Glue Dots, regular and mini

2. Pop dots, regular and mini

3. Archival black journaling pens

4. Crop-a-Dile

5. Personal 12 x 12 paper trimmer

6. Holders for projects from each class

7. Brown and light blue chalk

8. Tool holder (half price, ha!)

9. Corner rounder and Glue, wet

10. Paper piercer and mat (among other things)

11. Sandpaper and rubbing tool

12. Hole punch and Scissors

Next, no more plastic shoe box. See #8 above. This year, no more natural/blue canvas bag from Land's End, initials or no initials. This year, I have the Amy Butler Creativity Bag. Gaze at it above. Drink it in. Can you feel the creative juices it inspires? Please note: pink AND brown AND green AND as a bonus, turquoise. That'll show 'em.

Now. Can anyone tell me how to work my Crop-a-Dile?


  1. You DIDN'T!!! I am been craving that bag ever since last year, but just couldn't justify it. You might actually be able to fit in, but you MUST leave the bb behind.

    By the way, the new (very excellent Crop-A-Dile won't fit into it. I'll be looking for great new ideas Labor Day.

  2. Haha! I did. I also told the Chief Development Officer, my boss, I was going to a scrapbook convention. He nearly spit out his diet Coke.



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