Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tonight was the next-to-last photography class of Digital 101. We took in prints on different papers (not me, I only have 1 kind) with different printers (not me, I only have one kind) or other variations (not me, I only have 1 kind). Anyway, when I mentioned that I might not be at the last class because of travel--packing for my vacation might take all my energy--he said I should be sure to have these shots printed by a good printer and frame them. Now is that a compliment or what?

You've seen the first one before, in this blog. Six Feet Under is a local restaurant, located fittingly enough across the street from the Oakland Cemetary. The next one is of Olivia at my grandmother's. I even got a compliment on the composition.

I think I will. Get them printed I mean. Just the other day I read about this thing I'd never heard of called a standout by Mpix. It takes the print and mounts it on 1.5" gator foam with a black band around the 1.5" edge.

So I think I will.

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