Saturday, August 30, 2008

steppin' up

Some mornings I walk outside with the dogs first thing in the morning. And if I'm not carrying a cup of coffee, I will take my camera. For a while I've wanted to get a picture of Cotton on the steps.

She likes to put her backside one step higher than her front feet. I will come out the back door frequently to find her perched on the deck stairs watching the neighbor's yards, or the squirrels or our own back yard. By the time I get back with the camera, she's gone off to investigate something or wants to come in.

The other morning I went out with the dogs because I wanted to see the limbs enormous that came off the oak trees the night before and make sure the fence was sound. When I finished my inspection and turned to go back upstairs, there she was.

Have you seen other dogs do this?

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