Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Embarrassing Moments in History

The picture above has nothing to do with this blog. It's just an icon in Alabama, where I grew up. It does have the distinction of being a place where I have not embarrassed myself. I just read a blog that made me think about the embarrassing moments in my life. That's a little difficult because I've gained perspective in my old age, and some of the times don't seem so bad now. Let's see how many I can remember.

1. I was walking down the hall at work with my [male] colleagues and my half slip fell off. There are no words.

2. I went to mass with my high school boyfriend [I was raised Baptist] and got swept along in the people going to the front for communion and didn't know what to say. My boyfriend had to rescue me and I figured I had corrupted mass for everyone there. At Easter, no less. God, have you forgotten that yet? no, I didn't think so...

3. In middle school when my skin was bad, I remember having a conversation with a boy and he said a zit burst while I was talking [whether this was true or not, it was horrifying]

4. At work in Montgomery I walked out to my car and fell down. On the flat sidewalk. In front of the security cameras. There were no obstructions. One minute, walking along, the next, ripped hosiery and twisted ankle! Here came security. "Are you okay, m'am?" well obviously I wasn't, all I wanted was to disappear into the pavement...

5. Running past the dining hall at college, down I went. Flat road, skinned knees. Did I mention it was 6 pm? Large audience. They clapped. No one asked if I was okay. Fine by me, I just wanted to melt into the pavement.

6. At the grocery store last year before Thanksgiving. I stepped off the curb and down I went. In an all too familiar scene, employees came running. "Are you okay, m'am?"

7. The waffle house at 2 am in Montgomery, Alabama. Let's just say I've only had two hangovers, and this place featured prominently in the events leading up to one of them. In fact, this event may deserve it's own blog. But don't hold your breath. There are gaps in my memory of that night.

8. Wait, wait, I remember another one from my teen years! Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person? I got completely dressed for school one day and left off an important article of clothing. For a girl. I woke up enough in the car for a panic attack and to make my mother turn around. She was convinced I had done it on purpose and chickened out.

I'm noticing a trend - most of my examples happened as an adult. I guess I could rename this blog Clutzy Moments in History. Oh well, same thing.

What about you? Any embarrasing moments for you?


  1. Once, when I was in high school, I was walking to the tennis courts and not only fell but ROLLED down the hill to the parking lot!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    This morning, walking down the steps in the balcony at church, it happened, yes, I wiped out! & the balcony was full! Several men jumped up to make sure I was ok & pull (drag) me to my feet. But you'll be happy to know that my husband, the drummer, never missed a beat!

  3. I've been to florala Alabama, and been to an awesome music store in Montgomery, I have some embarrassing moments, but I don't want to revisit those..
    I am just peeking around your blog, You have some wonderful stuff.

  4. Naturally, I was sucked in by the picture of the Florabama (a place where I have distinguished myself...but nobody remembers). Great blog, Mol! :)



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