Thursday, August 7, 2008

small world

I used to buy Budget Travel magazine and dream about places I could go. It seemed more attainable at that point I guess in Budget Travel vs. the other travel magazines. The other night at the bookstore there was a Budget Travel display and the feature was Italy and a new kind of place to stay. Flipping through the magazine I noticed a contest and looked to see what the prize was. That's when I noticed a very, very familiar view. See below.

Now look at one of my pictures from my hotel room in the Hotel Relais Ducale in Gubbio.

It's always fun to see a place you know featured some way - you feel a connection, and you're involved as opposed to being just an observer. In fact, there's a murder story about the American student in Perugia that I keep tabs on because it happened just as I was coming home from vacation in Italy last year. But I digress.

This little coincidence brings new meaning to the phrase "it's a small world".

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