Friday, August 29, 2008

Spinning straw into gold

I have signed up for an out of town photography workshop. It is my fondest hope that the class will turn the figurative straw above into gold. So to speak. And help educate me about what lens I should purchase. And help me discover my hidden photographic talent. And become a world famous photographer. And rich. I'll settle for which lens to buy and a lottery ticket. I have invited my friend Candi to go with me.

There is a precedent for this, like when I talked Candi into doing the original Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. it was sponsored by Avon and put on by Pallotta teamworks but they disbanded and SusanGKomen picked it up. Good cause I said, healthy I said, easy to raise money I said. This or sky diving?, I said.

We raised about $2,000 or more apiece and beginning in February, started our training. So finally the big weekend was here October, and we started walking. And we walked and we walked. Things were going well. Did I mention Candi had a baby who was nursing? She was separated from that baby for 3 days. I noticed she was picking up speed until finally she said is it okay if i go on ahead in order to get to the tent in order to pump? I was all absolutelysureitispleasedon'tbeatmetodeathwithyourrunningshoefortalkingyouintothiswhileyouarestillnursing.

I got left in the dust. But that was A-O-KAY with me.

Then there was the showering on a truck with no shower stall walls. And sleeping in a tent and waking up to rain and an inch of water in the tent. And it turned cold. And the walking? 60 miles. 3 days.*

Yeah, she's still speaking to me.

Last year I suggested we go to the scrapbook convention. She drew a sigh of relief when that was over and the worst situation I had gotten her into was craft tote envy.

This year it's the photography workshop. I think she felt safe, that I hadn't involved us in anything unusual until the emails started from some of the other participants. Let's just say that Candi and I are more reserved than 10 or so of the 20 ladies from across the U.S. participating in the workshop. And it's a rather expensive workshop that we have to fly to a major city and stay in a hotel to attend. And these ladies are proposing we buy a gift for the photographer giving the workshop. That we haven't had yet. From a photographer we haven't met yet. Who we are paying to learn from.

So I am passive agressively not answering my email. I don't want to be ostracized once I get there because I didn't want to commit to buying a gift to someone I'm buying a service from. I have a feeling Candi may be wishing I'd kept this idea to myself.

And to those other ladies: Don't be hatin.


*it was a great experience for a wonderful cause- the survivors on the walk were inspirational. There's something about walking 60 miles over 3 days next to a leg amputee with a leopard pattern prostheses that puts things into perspective.


  1. I must thank Molly for not commenting about the day before the run to the tent when I stopped to hand pump in the bushes, which led to the said decision to rush to the tent, which was still wet.

    Alas, this was not the first of the adventures with Molly. Like trip to Panama City in the spring when it had to have been only 50 degrees. Or, the mission trip to NY when the neighbors at the hotel were, um, questionable at best. I'll return her favor and leave most of the details out :)

    Only for a friend that you have known since you were 5 would you go on .adventuresome trips.

  2. You neglected to mention that on the February trip to Panama City Beach, it was the warmest Feb or something like that and I came back beet red, only it was WINDBURN instead of sunburn.On the other hand we had great oysters that trip.



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