Friday, August 1, 2008

f stops and revelations

Here are the rest of the handful of photos from photo field trip day. I think I said I felt like I fought the camera the whole time and it was true. Turns out that I had inadvertently set my exposures to always be whatever I set each time based on aperture/shutter speed plus .65. I have given the camera a very stern talking to and have been assured it will not happen again. Where was this revelation? In the metadata stored with each photo snapped. Ack!

This crypt was elevated so you couldn't see the dove of peace until you got up close or at a certain angle. I like this one.

I focused on the hat in this one and recomposed. And because I had the f stop wrong, the depth of field was too crisp. I wanted more fuzzy...but "I am getting there" said the teacher.

This was just for fun. As evidenced by the listing to port. Or starboard. Whatever. Where's the ship's purser when you need her?

This chic broke off the pedestal you can see in the background. Since she looks so perfect from this angle, it makes you wonder what she looked like standing straight up and cuddling the blanket. Note the massive roots of the tree behind this vignette.

Last but not least: keeping the dead in, or the living out? [to my brother the seminary student: here's a sermon title for you, let me know what you do with it]

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  1. I love these - how are you are sports photography? I need you to tag along to all my sporting events. You could pick up some extra dough.



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