Monday, August 25, 2008

Green paint, manhole covers and hot water heaters

Last November, after several leaks by my not so old but no spring chicken hot water heater, I got a new hot water heater. That episode included the new hot water heater having a defective pilot light, and coming home from the company holiday party - a hoedown - and having lukewarm water courtesy of the new hot water heater. I share this with you to enhance your appreciation for the story I'm about to tell.

Last Friday morning, I was in the last stages of walking around the house before leaving for work: where's the cell phone? where are my car keys? where are my house keys? where's the dog's leash? come here other dog and get your leash get the picture.

I heard




Followed by dogs BARKING.

What now, I wondered? After all, the metal plate was uncermoniously dumped into the street in front of my house less than 12 hours ago.

What it was were two trucks intent on disturbing the peace. See the pattern forming? Dogs were BARKING at the people standing in the street. While I was looking at the people standing in the street who were feeding orange hose into the manhole in the street directly in front of the front bedroom window, a terrible, awful gurgling sound began. Coming from my bathroom. And then just as I got to the bathroom, certain the commode was going to shoot off the floor,

water, yes water, shot out of the commode.

I went downstairs and looked at the gauge that the plumber had attached to my new hot water heater recently because, strangely, the brand new hot water heater had leaked just last week and they couldn't understand why. The found no leaks. It read 150 pounds. Which means that my presesure control valve, the one that regulates the water pressure coming from the street, is shot.

Yes, Molly is coming to believe there is a scheme to prevent her from realizing her right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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