Monday, August 10, 2009

You Rock!

So I've been in a bit of a slump. But! Things Are Looking Up. I've won an award from an awfully lovely blogger*, Merry Me (on the right above). And that's a pick-me-up!

This is what she wrote: Please know that your blog has become a daily part of my life. Your words and photos lift me up when I am down. Sometimes they make me smile, sometimes make me cry, but always make me feel less alone and perhaps less crazy! Like many others around the world I am touched by the generosity of your spirit. Keep up the good work.

I would encourage you to visit Random Thoughts, her blog, so you can get to know her too. She cares for her dad, has a Sweetie, and is making quilts for servicemen and women.

If you ask me, Merry Me rocks! THANKS!!!

[Of course this reminds me of an award that I got that in my early blogging inexperience wasn't sure I was supposed to assume was for me, so - and you know who you are - please don't feel slighted, I simply didn't know blog etiquette!]
*I've always wanted to use this phrase - it's British, or at least British cozy mysteries - they're all terribly good this and frightfully wonderful that, pip pip. :)


  1. What Molly humbly neglected to say is she volunteered to help me design the award. All I had to do was say here's the picture and she did the rest. I LOVE it! Hope you do to!

    Thanks again, Molly. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the slump.

  2. I am in that very same slump. Just blah.

  3. Oh Molly! you do rock!
    I am just back in from a trip to Atlanta!
    and OH! How i thought of you! I went to the Dekalb farmers market..I lurv that place! filled a cooler full of wonderful stuff, went to armstrong glass and my favorite clay joint over at stone mountain.
    I was AMAZED at the number of drivers in atlanta on the phone! Yikes! I hope that you do not have to drive far in that madness. I was also really sad to see how many business seem to have gone out of business since the down turn in the economy. :(
    I hope that what ever field you are in, it is a secure one. I am leaving again in 2 days, for a couple of shows, but wanted to tell you that YOU are part of my place of peace too! and when I am home and have a moment, I always peek in to smile and see what you and your beloved pooches are up to! May the un-slump be with you!

  4. You DO so rock! I think everyone is in a bit of a slump. My theory is that it's August. August is like the big long Sunday of Summer.



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