Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bullet Post

  • I like the past to stay past.

  • The overall instability in the market is really wearing on me. But I'm happy I only have one credit card. I've done that for years.

  • Humidity makes me cranky.

  • Taking the dogs out of 3 day a week daycare can be draining while you are re-establishing an appropriate exercise schedule for them.

  • I keep forgetting to make an appointment with the dermatologist.

  • I used to have a dream where I stood in front of a bathroom mirror and my teeth fell into the sink one by one, plink...plink...plink, in a slow, graceful arc (how can losing teeth be graceful?). When I looked it up, it meant I was suppressing something I needed to say.

  • The best joke about the south I ever heard, I got from Mr. Berry: "How do you know if a young man in the south is married?" "I don't know" "look for tobacco stains on both sides of the pickup truck".

  • SEC football is the best.

  • Gus and Cotton have the best vet ever. And he lives in my neighborhood.

  • If your vet lives in your neighborhood, and your dogs think he's a deity, don't be surprised if they drag you across the road and through his flower bed to see him.

  • There are at least 5 eggplant on my eggplant plant. When is eggplant ready to be picked?


  1. eggplants?



  2. Perhaps its 5 eggs on your plant!

    Humidity makes everybody cranky. It is the very nature of hudmidity to see just how cranky people can get.

    Oh goodness, I have that losing my teeth dream too. Only there is nothing graceful about it. Yeh, I guess I suppress a lot of things I'd like to say. Maybe that's why I've become a blogger!

    I've never heard of a dog running to its vet. That is quite a tribute.

  3. when your ready to eat them?

  4. I love that picture!
    I wish I could help you with the eggplant question. But I got nothin'

  5. Eggplants, right? I think? Good thing that English degree is helping SSG out right now.

    I love that car, but AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT PAST NEEDS TO STAY IN THE PAST?! I'm sensing a story and where SSG FULLY respects your privacy, she will also admit to being a twee bit nosy.

  6. Janice used to plant egg plants - you should ask her.

    Also, I hate to be disagreeable, but I was soooo glad to get back to humidity after 8 days in the high desert. It was miserable. I loved sweating today :)



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