Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Bullets

  • I once worked with a woman named Becky who believed that one should celebrate their birthday all month. This is the same Becky who put on one black and one brown shoe with different heel heights but didn't figure it out until she got to work.
  • My lovely family and friends have been overwhelming me with happy birthday wishes.
  • I'm really blessed with my family and friends.
  • Went to get my emissions test and the blown fuses in my car prevented the test. So that's why the mirrors won't work...
  • It's wonderful to be out of town and return to Gus and Cotton's little yellow, fuzzy, black nosed faces.
  • My trip out of town with girlfriends was a great time. The trip home ended in adventure: S's car thumped and stopped responding in the passing lane at 75 miles an hour about 47 miles from home. Bummer. We steered to the side of the road and called her husband and a family friend w/a tow service named, appropriately enough, Tow Jam. We passed the time by chatting. After I got home I realized we were in the general area where the missing former parole officer had been abducted.
  • If you forget to lock your car, someone will come along and try the door, find it open and take whatever they can find, except for the 11 cents in plain sight. Just sayin'.
  • I remember one of my birthdays from childhood that included "fishing" where you put your line with a clothespin on it into a space behind a partition and caught a prize.
  • Another birthday was at my great aunt Nadine's house. She gave me a fishbowl with goldfish like she kept. They died in week, I think.
  • Fish seem to figure prominently in my birthdays, don't they?
  • If the security patrol in your neighborhood gets the dates a little mixed up and check your door Sunday morning to be sure it's locked, you will levitate from your sound sleep to the living room. Prepared to do what, I'm not sure. Hello, security patrol!
  • The wind is gusty and thunderstorms are predicted.
  • The stray black cat is in my front yard. Cotton and Gus have not heard or spotted her, thank goodness!
  • It would be a lovely gift if said stray kitty would eliminate the voles killing the plants at my mailbox.
  • If you're an August baby, Happy Birthday to you, too!


  1. Yes indeed birthdays should be celebrated, then celebrated some more. I missed that you were going out of town (what you don't tell all on your blog?) Please excuse the email I sent this morning. Glad to hear you were having a good time with girlfriends.

    Oh for a road trip with girlfriends. Throw me right into that briar patch!

    Happy Happy Birthday. Celebrate all that you are and all that you are yet to be. You are a perfect creation and no one else is quite like you. Hooray for Molly.

  2. Ohhhh Happy Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear you had a good one!

  3. Yep, everyone should have an entire birthday month.



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