Monday, June 14, 2010

Marigold Paper

About two Memorial Days ago, I painted a chest I found at a thrift shop.  It was a Thomasville chest and in great shape, but the top was formica and the body was painted a mustard yellow. 

I painted it a Ralph Lauren blue, put Anthropologie knobs on it in a Chinese red color and moved it to my bedroom to mull over what to do with the top (I desperately needed storage).  I considered mirror tiles, glass tiles and ceramic tiles, none of which I know how to install.

Last week I got a catalog from Paper Source and they had the most beautiful papers - but one in particular caught my eye: the one with yellow, orange and red marigolds with light blue background and a turquoise border.


This is what I came up with .  I will eventually put a glass top on it, but I am still deciding if the top needs a coat of whitewash to tone down the intensity of the color.  One of the cuts is not quite right, because I didn't have a large enough working surface, but I decided that is a character item, and I'll just get some blue paint for that edge or piece it with leftover paper and go with it. 

Isn't the color match wonderful? 



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