Friday, June 25, 2010

Around Here

Around here, I have the day off, and I checked exercise and walk dogs off my to-do list before 8 am.

Around here, favorite breakfast is fresh cherries, raw cashews and plain nonfat yogurt from a local dairy. Yum.

Around here, the sky is blue, the leaves are green and the sun is hot.

My rediscovered heirloom 'touch me not' seeds are more than seedlings but not yet ready for pots (and I haven't forgotten them and let them die, yay me).

Around here, this guy is still a candidate for the Hair Club for Men, and was hovering outside my living room window when I was on the phone. He looks like those buzzards in Disney's The Jungle Book, remember them?

Around here, goldens play pull your ear/bite your feet/slobber on your head/pull your tail and sitting down is a defensive strategy...

Around here, I'm fascinated with the morning sun across the caladium leaves that sparkle from the morning watering...

Around here, today is about relaxing.


  1. Except for the before 8 am part, sounds like the makings of a fabulous day! Hope it includes a nap!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Breakfast sounds great. I hope the rest of your day has been as good. And it isn't over yet!



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