Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here's another entry from my abridged encyclopedia:

Ugly, the good, the bad, the

Seems like a fitting title for habits, yes? Some are good, like checking the front door is locked before I go each morning, or walking the dogs two miles a day. Some are bad, like routinely eating more than a regular portion size. And some are ugly, like procrastination. Piles of procrastination sit around my house. Based on repetitive history, the most Herculean task I undertake on a routine basis is to get my tag renewed. The notice comes with ample time to get an emissions test and mail in the form with the check. I always put off getting the emissions test, always. So much so that if something needs to be repaired, there is no time before the tag is due. Then, I dawdle about getting it resolved. And finally, finally, I go downtown and get the tag. I believe that longest I went without renewing a tag was from my birthday in August to some time in November. The impetus was that I was planning to go to Troy for a visit, one presumes Thanksgiving but since all years run together, I am not certain. The past two years have been exceptions: I got my tag by my birthday. This year, I back to normal: I procrastinated.

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  1. Ummmm one year SSG was cleaning out her trunk and thought "hmm ... when do my tags expire?" So she pulled the trunk down and looked. They had expired TWO MONTHS earlier!


  2. When you have lost your license for one calendar year because you are a habitual tag progcastinator and you suffer through it and pay the fines associated with said prolonging, you learn very quickly to take care of that issue ever year thereafter.

    Loving this series!!!

  3. Be careful. Last year I mistakingly missed getting my tag. Two months down the road the very nice police officer said that I MUST go to court to resolve this issue. $200.00 later....... sigh.

    For a FORGOTTEN tag?! Seemed way over the top to me but I bet I get my tag on time next year.



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