Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pearl Peacock, Cousin

Note:work has gotten crazy busy, so I'm using the writing-I use that term loosely-I'm doing for the other project...and I haven't had time to pick up a camera in two weeks. I hope to get back to it soon!

Every year in December, Sister, Aunt Foy, Grandmother, Rob and I walked to the bottom of Elm Street across from the Children’s Home. It was an event of some excitement, because it was Cousins Pearl’s Christmas Party. Cousin Pearl had been a Troy schoolteacher, and every year she threw a big Christmas party for the teachers she had worked with. I don’t remember what the adults ate, but we kids got butter-me-not (is too so a brand) biscuits with ham, and bottles of Coke. I do recall one year she had everyone sign their name in pencil on a tablecloth and she embroidered the signatures and used the tablecloth the next year. Cousin Pearl painted china, and every year gave each person a piece of her painted china. That party is a tradition I would like to establish, and was close to when I began doing a Christmas lunch for the assistants.


  1. What a lovely I want to be your assistant.

    Hang in there...busy is better than not. I want to be busy again. I want to unleash my intellect.

  2. All work and no photos? Hope you get some time this weekend to play.

    Being the queen of extra-long posts and run-on sentences I'm enjoying the stories you tell in just a paragraph. It's a new concept to me!

    Love the tablecloth idea.

  3. I knew Cousin Pearl when I lived there. I think you should find a way to carry on your tradition, which I think is a great idea. Or establish one with different people?



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