Sunday, September 20, 2009

Of Gus and Midnight

Around midnight, I found myself wide awake and watching Practical Magic on Bravo. I was itching to take a photo. Luckily, a model was snoring on the floor.

I do not know why, but the sight of these crossed back feet on either dog is just adorable to me.

My, what big paws you have!

There was a moth that was fluttering around near the fireplace.

If I close my eyes, is that thing going to land on me?


  1. I love those last two pictures! We had fun with you Sat. We should do that more often!!

  2. Oh. My. Those faces just get me every single time. And the paws. Those PAWS. And the little eye look to the side so you can see the white part of their eyes--Fisher does that and awwwww, Just AWWW. SSG can't take it.

    Love Practical Magic too! I hope you were blending up margaritas at midnight ; )

  3. I love the photo's of these guys. Something sweet and serene about the expressions and posture of a dog.



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