Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coffee Table

I've been in my house since 2005. Still I do not have a respectable coffee table. Once I saw this one on The Lettered Cottage, I became hopeful I could find a thrift store table and come up with something along these lines.

There must have been a run on coffee table material, because to date? No serviceable options.

Love the coffee table in the shot above. Love the art over the fireplace, for that matter. Back to coffee tables.

This is one from the old Shabby Chic site. It gives me ideas also. But see paragraph 2 above.

This coffee table? I swoon for this coffee table. And it works in a small space.
So, there you have it. The tour of coffee tables - do you have a favorite?
See you tomorrow!


  1. My favorite is the 1st one and the one covered with a white tables are hard to find and to decide upon. I love the way you lean to beach cottage/shabby chic though. What a relaxing style.

  2. I like the top one--I have an ottoman as my coffee table now and I miss having a TABLE. So I don't know if the covered one in #2 (though it is ADORABLE) would pose the same problem.

    I like big coffee tables that multiple people can sit around. I'm tempted to hack down my dining room table and use it as a big square coffee table but then I remember I need a COUCH in the family room too.

    Oh my ... there never seems to be room for it all ...

  3. I'm undecided between #1 and #3. Like the look of #1 but #3 has storage underneath, which would be good. Your call, of course.



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