Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Bullets

  • Don't tell nature that orange/red and pink don't go together.
  • After two weeks of watching my suet feeder, my friends the woodpeckers are back.
  • I've had an idea of how to use my photos to create something that can go out into the world. I've made one prototype am working on more.
  • The birdseed is getting shaken out of the feeder somehow.  I know the squirrels must be behind it.
  • The seed that is falling on the ground courtesy of the mystery shaker is sprouting better than the seed that was put out 2 weeks ago to rejuvenate my front yard.
  • The tea olives have burst into bloom all over - the first time since they were planted two years ago. Until this fall, blooms were sparse.
  • I keep forgetting to bring in the Coke Zero in the back of my car.
  • My dogs have a full page spread in a calendar that will be sold to benefit the neighborhood park - we are raising matching funds for a grant the park received.  I gave them 6 photos to pick from, and don't really care which it will be.  I realized yesterday it's fun to speculate which they'll use. 
  • The graphic artist emailed me to say that my photos were beautiful and she was looking forward to working them into the calendar.  Hello, validation!
  • Why is it easier to accept compliments from strangers than friends or family?
  • Anyone know what the name of the plant featured in the photo is called?
  • There are huge, unusual mushrooms around this fall, and several are in my backyard.
  • I feel the need to pare down, and am going to start with my closet.


  1. hey Molly!
    ~ Orange and pink OH yeah!
    ~ yeah woody has returned!
    ~ and that would be?
    ~ or the blue jays~ messy birdies~! LOL
    ~ what do they smell like?
    ~ WAY COOL! do we get a link to buy?
    ~ because we think ( in error) that those who love us have a bias! doh!
    ~ plant is a Vine Euonymous check out this cool forum!
    ~ has it been rainy there? Not to many shrooms here... sigh..

  2. Old wordy ME is liking the bullet thing! I may have to try it!

  3. Nice blog!

    Maybe you would like mine too?




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