Thursday, October 7, 2010


Taken for my's the funny part.  When I glanced out of my window I caught a glimpse of dried out hydrangea blossoms and thought I'd go photography those.

The funny part?

There were no dried hydrangea blossoms lying on the ground.

There were several eruptions of mushrooms from a tree root that has risen above the ground (and I think the tree it belonged to is long gone).


  1. Molly as soon as I saw the thumbnail of this in the class gallery I knew it was yours. Your work is recognizable. Nicely done. Love the gorgeous colors in this.

  2. The colors and shapes are very nice. They say Fall.

  3. They almost look like bells! Can you hear them ringing? A kind of light metal sound, like a bell on a goat climbing the Swiss ALps! Only tinklier! (Is that a word?)



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