Thursday, October 28, 2010

Abandoned 2

This house was on the side of the road headed up to Signe's mountain place.  The shingle patterns and gaping windows were so compelling to me.  Again, I wondered what led to this house on the side of a mountain, with a creek just behind it, to be left empty.  The mountain was doing its best to reclaim the house.

That combination of shingles says that someone loved this place once, enough to use what they could afford to create a pleasing pattern.

A clothesline once wrapped the side and front of the back porch - clothespins still held fast to the line.

The front of the house had a deep porch, and a tin roof.  I was intrigued by the back corner of this house - see the high sides of the back corner?  I think this may have been a place for livestock.


  1. Indeed the forest is reclaiming the space.
    Kind of sad, but in another way kind of refreshing. Makes me think that left alone for long enough, Mother Nature can fix most of our messes.

  2. Good for you for stopping and taking in that which you found intriguing. I'm learning to slow down sometimes, but actually stopping? I've yet to master it. You inspire me.

    I've been gone too long. It's nice to visit with you again. I'll be back.




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