Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Smattering

Is there anything that starts out looking less like it ends up than a fern?

The Creeping Jenny is trying to take over the world, beginning in my yard. But I love the greens!

This is a delicious combination of color, and when the chocolate chip ajuga blossoms open, it will be glorious.  The ajuga blooms are periwinkle blue.  Or dark lavender.  Either way, bravely holding their own with the creeping jenny, it will be beautiful!

Every morning, Gus looks out the window for the cat.  Every morning, I look out the window to see the progress of the dogwood - today they are opening!

Suddenly, the trillium are in bloom!


  1. I'd forgotten about your beautiful gardens. How fun to see them begin to bloom again!

  2. I love Creeping pretty. That bright green is beautiful.



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