Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everyday Beauty

Do you remember those things that were popular in the 70s and 80s that showed you a seemingly random number of geographic shapes that once you 'saw' it the right way became a word?  Or the ones that if you let your eyes go slightly out of focus the secret image appeared?  There was one that was a letter sized series of lines that ended up being a wizened old crone-like woman.

Once you 'saw' it and knew it was there you didn't miss it again.

I have things like that in my day.  Things that are easy to overlook, but once you notice, you wonder how it escaped you.

In this house, built in 1936, it's almost 50-50 between good and bad.  I try to overlook the bad.  Like the way the toe mold doesn't hug the floor, but floats a good half inch away from the floor.  Or the crack in the bathroom floor that is slowly lengthening. 

Then there are the good things.  The cool plaster walls. The wavy glass window panes.  The floor in the attic.  The glass or crystal door knobs throughout with brass fixtures.  Except for the one on the back of the bathroom door, which is chrome and must be as bright as the day it was installed.  The smaller glass knobs on the built in corner cabinet.  The built in corner cabinet itself.  The bowed out windows in the dining room. The french doors to the screened porch. 

What do you see in your everyday?

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