Saturday, April 24, 2010

A New Voice

Squander it all!

Hold nothing back.

The heart´s a deep well.

And when it´s empty,

It will fill again.

Greg Orr

I just learned about this poet from Nancy Pear.  I think I like him.  Tomorrow it rains.  A trip to the bookstore is just the thing - I can look him up.


  1. A rainy Saturday spent safe and dry in the company of books. How delightful!

    I never was much into poetry, but I'm learning to like it.

  2. Yes, aside from a few classics I haven't been strong on poetry. I prefer the relative clarity of prose - often there was a lot of interpreting poetry that simply escaped me. Until someone pointed out that poetry was music lyrics. Then I had an angle to at least understand it.

  3. Love your leaf photo! It's really special.

  4. Nothing like the music of words and images to make a heart soar!



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