Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ladies who Blog

One day, when I didn't have much to do, or had too much to do so I didn't want to do much, I sat down at my faithful computer to find some cool websites about things I liked. I found several, but I can't remember how I did it. Anyway, the first is GeorgiaPeachez which right now has a really colorful blog about buttons. Now these are not your grandma's buttons-wait, maybe they are. Because they are some kind of pretty and I can't think if I've ever worn anything with buttons like these. Go take a look.

Then there's Barbara Jacksier . And French Garden House . Lavendar Hill Studio - this site plays music so be sure your sound is not turned up.

Raised in Cotton : now, how could anyone from Alabama pass that one up? Plus they blogged about a week long antique fair in Texas that made me really envious. Anyone want to go next year?

And I found The Cottage Nest . The Cottage Gals are worth a visit, too.

So these are some of the places I go when I want to look at something that is out of my everyday stuff. Like today.

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