Friday, April 11, 2008

Homesick for vacation

Okay, it's April in Atlanta. Flowers, showers and POLLEN. The count was 328something today, a record breaker. Maybe the rain that's starting will help.

Maybe you know I went to Italy with two friends last October, maybe no. Anyway, is it possible to be homesick for vacation? It was such a wonderful time and I was not ready to be home, although when I got here I was glad to be here. But I'd love to go back. Maybe next year. Until then, I'm going to put my pictures and emails from Italy here on my blog. I'll fill in any gaps, because I don't think I have all the emails I sent. Original emails will be in black type, I'll colorize the current comments (haha! color commentary).

Hope you enjoy reliving the Italy vacation with me.

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