Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to Normal

Hooray! I have my car back. New bumpers, lights, paint job, detail job...and it's my good old 5 year old truck back. I was given a brand new Tahoe to drive while mine was in for repair, but it was not as good as my older Yukon. No seat heaters for one and during this cold snap that was a big loss (how can it be this cold in April in Georgia? wait, that's another blog subject). For another, no XM radio, and I have learned I am hooked to Fox News via XM. Missed my sun roof too. And I was all set to just rely on my iPod, but the holder didn't work in the jack in the Tahoe. Disappointing.

I was so careful all the time I had the Tahoe not to scratch or dent it. The last night I had it, I took friends to dinner, and I noticed a white scuff on the passenger side mirror. Now it could have happened any time, but I'm thinking it had to be in the garage during dinner. The car wash operator in my building was a lifesaver. He took some solution and got rid of the white paint on the black plastic part of the mirror, and vacuumed out the inside to make sure there was no offending dog hair. And charged zero.

There are nice people in the world.

1 comment:

  1. so congratulations, you got through it without mishap and now have old faithful back again. now if cotton will just recover. but that's a comment for a future blog item.



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