Saturday, April 26, 2008

Backyard therapy

Last Saturday, in between bouts of nursing Cotton's reflux and esophagitus, I planted some pots. I think I came up with some attractive combinations. See for yourself.

There's oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Here's creeping jenny or lysimachia. And I love the rusty planter.

And in the blue pot are caladiums, asparagus ferns and creeping jenny.

And for the front there's white petunias, dusty miller and a geranium that was white blooms with a pink dot, that after a week turns light pink.

So on Wednesday afternoon after work, which has been wildly hectic with the promise of taking a turn for manicly wild, I took the now healthy Cotton, the martyr Gus and the trusty camera and went to the backyard for some relaxation. Flip flops set the tone.

Tim the landscaper had been back that day to finish adding plants. Below is a close up of the sweet shrub he added next to the yucca.

Now see the martyr Gus nibbling the sweet shrub blooms. Tactical error on my part. Who knew Goldens eat sweet shrubs?

But soon he was distracted with his favorite thing: chasing Cotton.

Never fear, dear reader, Cotton did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. She knows staying on the hill right next to me is safe.

So what with the antics of the dogs, and the new plants, and the fabulous weather, the backyard did the trick. I went inside much refreshed.

[For those who are wondering, the martyr Gus got his name during the scary weekend illness Cotton had. Friday afternoon she was eating anything she could find, as it turns out, to alleviate the reflux and upset stomach the vets deduce she had. That included two 6" sprigs of artificial greenery which I made her regurgitate along with a collection of hard things I did not recognize. The rest of the weekend included a trip to the emergency vet and bouts of nausea and reflux during which she had to be monitored closely so she didn't eat anymore inedibles. So, Gus was roundly ignored, which he bore with surprising equanimity and a lack of retaliatory destruction. Until Tuesday when he somehow knew she was over it, and began reminding her who was top dog.]

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  1. your time in the backyard sounds great. the planters are all lovely and the white flowers are a nice change. but don't get me wrong, i love colored flowers! by the way, the sweet shrub grew at mamaw's (pawpaw's mom) front porch and the perfume carried on the air. i loved to smell it. she also had a flowering quince that i thought was so pretty, but i had to watch out for the stickers.



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