Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small Things

This is something small, a heart, right in a neglected planter at the bottom of the deck stairs.  

I'm about 2 weeks from a photography class and I am woefully out of practice.  I need to give myself some assignments, but I think the weather is going to make it some inside assignments at best.  Maybe I will sit down with my manual and my camera and at least know where everything is, even if I haven't used it in a while :)


  1. Sweetie is big into buying 35 mm cameras online. Don't ask!
    Last night he asked me if I'd ever read Chinese. Well, no, I replied. Why do you ask? He explained he's trying to read a manual on how to use one of the cameras. It wasn't written in Chinese but because it was so confusing, he figured it was a not very good English translation, or Chinese written in English.

    I gotta say, that confuses me and I'm not even trying to read it! Looking forward to the pictures. Love the hearts!

  2. I like you pictures.
    Great blog.



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