Friday, September 9, 2011


This year I went to the Dragoncon parade in downtown Atlanta.  


Costumes worthy of a Hollywood soundstage.

And variety.  To wit:

Star Wars.

Star Trek (in all it's iterations).

My Little Ponies.


The world of Harry Potter...and boy were the Snapes good.

Lego people. Lego Star Wars people.  

Dr. Who peeps.

Speed Racer.

Men in Black and they had their memory obliterator thingamabob.


Ghostbusters Louisiana.

Ghostbusters Missippi.

Ghostbusters Alabama.

Ghostbusters Georgia.

And they all had a cool white car.

GI Joe.

And many many more that I'm not culturally current enough to have recognized.

And lots of Atlanta were there.  I was surprised.  In my photo of the banner above, there is a parking deck to the left, and you can see folks gathering on the two lower floors.  After about 15 more minutes, the deck was full of people.

I would have taken more photos, but we were so packed in on the sidewalk, I could barely crane my neck to see, let alone take any photos.  Had I been about 7 feet tall, I might have something to show you.

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